Exterior Dimensions: 81 x 130.5 x 87.5 h
Interior Dimensions: 75.5 x 124 x 78 h 
Door Opening: 50 x 76.5 
Weight: 1000 lbs.  .
Capacity: 6000 lbs. 

$ 2049.00

KWIK-STOR container sizes

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I've been with your company and your KWIK-STOR container.  We moved from a house with a garage to a house without a garage.  This poses a real issue on where to store our stuff!  Before purchasing, I researched different options. Prefabricated wood sheds were built to a price point and didn't include floors, nor roofing materials.  Adding these would add cost, worse, the build time would span several days. Plastic sheds suffer the same issues, along with the inability to easily mount shelving etc. And, they were even more expensive. Finally, I looked at purchasing an enclosed trailer. I could use it during the move, transport my motorcycles, and finally use it as a shed.  Even a marginal quality trailer was well above what I was looking to spend.

I found K W and the KWIK-STOR containers researching similar containers available locally.  The benefits ticked all of the boxes, but unlike the containers available locally, they weren't made of fiber-glass with wood framing. Not to mention them being considerably more expensive.  The great unknown for me was purchasing the KWIK-STOR sight unseen.

My inquiries to K W were always handled promptly and accurately and did much to put my mind at ease.  You were extremely accommodating in arranging shipping to coincide with having somebody available on site.  The unit arrived on time and in perfect condition.  I didn't get around to assembling the container for a couple of weeks because of the move, plus, I had misplaced the assembly instructions.  After you had forwarded me a replacement copy a friend and I managed to get it entirely assembled in a few hrs. This for the double unit.

I was shocked how simple assembly was. I was skeptical about how simple the instructions made it look.  It really was a step by step and I needn't have concerned myself.  We enlisted the help of a friend to put the roof panels in place as they were quite heavy.

Once fully assembled, the unit is incredibly strong.  All hardware supplied was top quality, with grade 5 bolts, aircraft nuts (nyloc) and some of the self-tapping screws that would be exposed to rain/snow  had rubber washers.  Not a single self-tapping screw broke.  The same quality components were seen on the hinges and closers.

I've had friends stop by and they were as impressed as I was. Great quality, quick delivery, fast and easy assembly at a price that is competitive with a fully completed prefabbed wood shed made from 2x2's.  I'm a very happy customer and won't hesitate to recommend  K W and the KWIK-STOR containers to others in the future.

Steve Barnes

Portable Storage Containers For Sale

Exterior Dimensions: 81 x 44.5 x 87.5 h
Interior Dimensions: 75.5 x 39 x 78 h 
Door Opening: 50 x 76.5 
Weight: 480 lbs.  .
Capacity: 2000 lbs. 

$ 1029.00 


Exterior Dimensions: 81 x 86 x 87.5 h
Interior Dimensions: 75.5 x 80.5 x 78 h 
Door Opening: 50 x 76.5 
Weight: 700 lbs.  .
Capacity: 4000 lbs. 

$ 1349.00 


Exterior Dimensions: 81 x 172 x 87.5 h
Interior Dimensions: 75.5 x 165 x 78 h 
Door Opening: 50 x 76.5 
Weight: 1250 lbs.  .
Capacity: 8000 lbs. 

$ 2369.00